We can all feel foolish sometimes

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In life, we hear a lot about having a good sense of self esteem. Indeed, positive self esteem is of great value. But on what is it built?

Self efficacy builds self confidence. So the more skills in life we have, the more confidence there is.

Efficacy is simply being efficient. If we are brought up learning age appropriate tasks, we have self efficacy. Being able to do most everything around running a home by the time we are moving away from home, we will have the confidence to do it.

This is how…


Don’t run with the crowd

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Right now, there are so many campaigns, human rights abuses, conflicts, political lies, saving the planet, and racial issues, that it can be hard to just be.

I get various organizations filling my email inbox. I have to prioritize what matters the most to me. What matters the most to me may not matter most to others. That’s OK.

There are popular views about issues that don’t fit with history, so I back away from those while doing my best to prevent suffering.

I recycle, repurpose, and reuse. I never buy a new phone or have a cell phone that…


Our experiences

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Our souls are expanded by experiencing difficulty. Whether one calls it the soul, the heart, the mind, or the spirit, humans grow as they encounter the trials of life.

Long before Freud, Jung, or any other psychologist, Rainer Maria Rilke, poet, said;
“That is at bottom the only courage that is demanded of us: to have courage for the most strange, the most singular and the most inexplicable that we may encounter.”

He wrote this in a letter to a young man in 1904.

Poets by nature reflect on many things in life. My journey in this world has shown…

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’The gardener digs in another time, without past or future, beginning or end….here is an Amen beyond a prayer’’ Derek Jarman

Gardening is in my family. My mother gardened, my Dad did too. My grandparents gardened, uncles on both sides of my family garden.

I believe that gardening is innate within us; it just takes a spark to unloose the desire to nurture plants. I watched my parents garden for years, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers. I asked my mother if I might have patch of my own but she said no. …

How we can change that

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There are a lot of people going about their lives with the effects of trauma affecting their body, sleep, mind, and relationships. They often seek help from a physician and are given a prescription that either doesn’t work, or numbs their mind and emotions.

Trauma takes many forms — we mostly associate it with a form of violent physical impact. These can be a car wreck, rape, assault, being shot etc. Continued domestic abuse is trauma, as is being hit once by someone you trust, being bullied in childhood is trauma, any abnormal parenting is trauma although as children we…

Because of masturbation

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When I was working in a recovery unit in California, a man arrived who had no fingers, only thumbs.

He had held his fingers over the edge of a freezer with the lid down, to freeze them. Imagine the pain that caused, but he still continued to keep them them there.

I cannot imagine the pain in his mind.

He had probably had Biblical phrases hammered in to his mind out of context. I have experienced that, but never to the point that I dismembered myself.

There was a lot of fuss about what to do with him. I wasn’t…


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A shaft of light, torch-like, lights the room
this room, off a corridor, in the huge building.
Alone, save the silent nurse who sleeps, I long
to be home, to be kissed, to take in the scent
of Dad’s neck as he carries me.

My body does not respond no matter my effort
lifeless as a flower cut with petals dropping,
my limbs inert, akinetic, mute my voice, this done to me
without my knowing, and yet I sense each touch
every invasive thing. I am destroyed, a mind encased
inside a tomb that is my flesh, bone and blood.

Chrissie Morris Brady Ph.D

I write what inspires me. I’m quirky. Recovered from severe trauma. Loves God. Traveller, poet.Please support me at ko-fi.com/chrissiemorrisbrady

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