The beauty of the human spirit

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In my youth, I hated myself. I contracted a terrible disease, lost two years of school, and, from being the captain of the team, I was the last to be chosen.

I had been cute, athletic, and bright. I was fluent in two languages, left footed, but ambidextrous. Now I felt like nothing.

My parents were so different to each other. My mother was a narcissist, hysterical, and critical. My Dad was a companion, reasonable always and gifted me a love of nature and a sense of public duty.

My Dad was self-effacing, calm, unflinching. He carried me to bed…

It grows worse

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We have heard various claims made and argued about since the infamous interview Oprah Winfrey gave to Megan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry.

In it Megan said that her role in the royal family had never been discussed, it was never part of the conversation.

Yet, when Mishal Hussein interviewed the couple on the occasion of their engagement, Prince Harry said how much he had explained to her how difficult it is to be such a public figure, that she would be scrutinised, criticised, and judged.

Megan told Oprah Winfrey that she had grown up completely unaware of how…



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I started out full of hope
travel, people, cuisines
adventure and experiences

I never lacked male company
men were falling for me
I could not see it

you wooed me, manipulating
I tried to resist that, stay myself
you were a bully, I didn’t see

until too late, although
I wept with joy at our wedding
my love was too blind

you wanted me to be happy
it’s true, but your seed made
a child inside me, a life

I nurtured, but you made war
the conflict was too much
you made holes in my soul

or fitted in the…

A poem

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They are planning to curtail our right to protest Priti Patel is black but values empire statues the best we have a right to be heard and that you know who ever thought a woman would stoop so low we won’t be silenced, we won’t give in don’t you realize what you’re doing is sin women aren’t safe so we take to the street black lives matter, so we keep the repeat democracy is ours we won’t let you steal we’ll take back our rights from under your heel equality for all not just the rich we need…

Or you will break

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Once we leave secondary education and move on to university, a job, and have to pay bills etc, life becomes messy. We no longer have the security of home, the cushion that parents provide, or someone else you grew up with.

We become adults but are still not fully formed as our lives in society are very new. We may have survived debilitating illness, lost a parent, been in a car wreck, all these things cause us to have insight and compassion, but it has not prepared us for life in the big wide world.

If we have been brought…

My passion

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I have no memory of learning to read. My first memory of reading was sitting on the floor in front of my Dad while he read the Sunday newspaper. When he changed to another section, I read the back of that.

Anything with words were read by me. I went through my Dad’s book shelf, my sister’s text books. Her homework. I read just about every book in my classroom.

The topic was irrelevant. Whether a story, a recipe, a DIY manual. I am grateful that I never came across pornography or erotica.

When my parents had a boot room…

How we can change that

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There are a lot of people going about their lives with the effects of trauma affecting their body, sleep, mind, and relationships. They often seek help from a physician and are given a prescription that either doesn’t work, or numbs their mind and emotions.

Trauma takes many forms — we mostly associate it with a form of violent physical impact. These can be a car wreck, rape, assault, being shot etc. Continued domestic abuse is trauma, as is being hit once by someone you trust, being bullied in childhood is trauma, any abnormal parenting is trauma although as children we…

A journey

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At times I can’t take in the lives I had

in the gaps between health and the madness

Countries, matrimony, houses, and motherhood

Careers, financial status, activism,

Divorce and break downs

My mind forgets more than it ever knew

And my knowledge is broad yet specialized

My memories come as dreams and evaporate

Upon waking

Memories linger like fragrance or stink

So that I jerk back in horror

Repulsed at what foul things happened

Awake I smile that it is past

Like a flower in springtime opening

I move toward my goals, basking in the help

That comes from strangers…

Christina Meier Ph.D

I write what inspires me. I’m quirky, serious, humorous. Not mercurial. Seeker of God. Traveller, poet, lover.

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