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Our souls are expanded by experiencing difficulty. Whether one calls it the soul, the heart, the mind, or the spirit, humans grow as they encounter the trials of life.

Long before Freud, Jung, or any other psychologist, Rainer Maria Rilke, poet, said;
“That is at bottom the only courage that is demanded of us: to have courage for the most strange, the most singular and the most inexplicable that we may encounter.”

He wrote this in a letter to a young man in 1904.

Poets by nature reflect on many things in life. My journey in this world has shown…

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’The gardener digs in another time, without past or future, beginning or end….here is an Amen beyond a prayer’’ Derek Jarman

Gardening is in my family. My mother gardened, my Dad did too. My grandparents gardened, uncles on both sides of my family garden.

I believe that gardening is innate within us; it just takes a spark to unloose the desire to nurture plants. I watched my parents garden for years, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers. I asked my mother if I might have patch of my own but she said no. …

How we can change that

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There are a lot of people going about their lives with the effects of trauma affecting their body, sleep, mind, and relationships. They often seek help from a physician and are given a prescription that either doesn’t work, or numbs their mind and emotions.

Trauma takes many forms — we mostly associate it with a form of violent physical impact. These can be a car wreck, rape, assault, being shot etc. Continued domestic abuse is trauma, as is being hit once by someone you trust, being bullied in childhood is trauma, any abnormal parenting is trauma although as children we…

The beauty of the human spirit

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In my youth, I hated myself. I contracted a terrible disease, lost two years of school, and, from being the captain of the team, I was the last to be chosen.

I had been cute, athletic, and bright. I was fluent in two languages, left footed, but ambidextrous. Now I felt like nothing.

My parents were so different to each other. My mother was a narcissist, hysterical, and critical. My Dad was a companion, reasonable always and gifted me a love of nature and a sense of public duty.

My Dad was self-effacing, calm, unflinching. He carried me to bed…

A story of being with an offended person

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Today, I met the man who emailed me
somehow, my activist email arrived in his inbox

We established one person in common,though
that person has never emailed me. He knew me through The Platform

I, being more well-known among poets, did not recall him
but recognising the name, we agreed to meet today

My heart sank on meeting, his face miserable, unknown
so my plan was my favourite cafe 250 yards from my home

I showed him what and how to choose, then made my choice
and took a seat. …

You damage your relationships

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Have you ever met up with a friend, full of excitement about a trip you took or course you finished? Maybe that friend, when you paused, started to tell you how someone has stolen from them, or a family member has terrible diagnosis.

Your friend needs support, the whole meet up become about them. You go home feeling disgruntled.

Or it may be more subtle, like a person in a store that says something that is in discord with you and your values. Or perhaps they upset your loved one.

We can choose to forbear, or we can choose to be offended.

If we choose the latter, first it takes more energy…

Thank you for this. So much I didn't know. I have written about the Trail of Tears.

Oh you spend six years studying and researching instead then.

Chrissie Morris Ph.D

I write what inspires me. I’m quirky, serious, humorous. Recovered from severe trauma. Dying. Loves God. Traveller, poet, lover.

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