He’s deluded and so are his people

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A short while ago, I wrote here how Trump won’t leave the White House, that he’ll keep the bannisters polished by sliding down them to find his cheeseburgers and fried chicken. I also foresaw Biden having a job for him by letting him sit in a fake news studio talking nonsense and using the hot air as renewable energy. Biden is a unifier, and pragmatic.

Today, I happened on a video of a guy named Bill Maher. He was saying that Trump won’t leave the White House. Hey, I thought, he’s read my piece! …

It’s urgent

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In recent years you may have noticed changes around the place you live. Subtle but noticeable. It also depends on where you live. Your geography will matter a lot in what you have noticed.

If you live in SoCal, like I did, you will know that there are far more wildfires than there ever were before say, ten or twenty years ago. Fires that go on and on, and engulf larger areas and far more homes. Last year these fires reached right up to Oregon. That is new.

Also, in southern California there is less rain spread across the year…

Scientists are puzzled

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I was listening to Business News on the World Service when I heard that India is almost completely free of Covid-19. My attention was immediate.

It seems that scientists cannot explain this. The huge population, the crowded housing, the slums, poor santition…It defies science.

Sometimes though, scientists are pretty stupid. If it can’t be explained scientifically, they are not interested.

There is one thing that hasn’t been considered. That is diet.

Indians eat food that is seasoned with turmeric and cumin, and chillis, as well as many other spices. This are natural anti-inflammatories. …

Life is fragile

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All my friendships are unique. Some I see a lot and it may be fairly superficial, but trusted. Some I may see less frequently but it is deep. I have several friendships that are decades old, and have survived several continents, life changes, children growing up and other things that come our way.

This morning, my heart grew heavier when I read the WhatsApp from a friend I had heard from the previous evening, replied to at length, and then decided to wait until morning before opening her reply.

Sometimes, it seems life just puts a brick…

Your article is valuable. I write about anti-racism and the executions of black people.

I read an article in the last couple of days by a man who decided to have the Covid-19 vaccine and, due to his job, many he meets will know. He explained that their is suspicion around the vaccine - the experiment at Tuskagee in 1973.

I didn't know about that because I was too young and have mainly lived in Europe. This fact is invaluable, because no white person was ever going to tell this white woman about it. I understand more now. I know all about white privilege because when I lived in the States, I sensed the fear of my black friends and colleagues when a cop came to wherever we were.

lovely iliteration and imagery. Thank you.

I tried to highlight, but not working. Nice poem.

Yes, the rich are taxed and bear the heaviest donation to governments. However, many use tax havens and shell companies as tax avoidance. This makes me angry. Also, here, some contracts have been given to politicians friends rather than out for tender. And some people managing public infrastructure are on 6 figure earnings. The rich get rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Something needs fixing but what? I love the way you think.

Christina Meier Ph.D

I write what inspires me. I’m quirky, serious, humorous. Not mercurial. Seeker of God. Traveller, poet, lover.

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